Fractal Microgrids, Storage Forecast & More Microgrid News Roundup September 15, 2016

Microgrid News Roundup September 15, 2016

Courtesy Photo | CAMP PENDLETON, Calif.

Courtesy Photo | CAMP PENDLETON, Calif.

Camp Pendleton’s Fractal Microgrid

Camp Pendleton’s fractal microgrid provides energy security and energy savings capabilities to critical facilities using renewable energy. A fractal microgrid is a “microgrid-of-microgrids” capable of maximizing energy efficiency and “self-healing” when a portion of the power distribution system is interrupted or fails.

microgrid news roundup septemberEurope’s energy storage battery growth, demand, industry trends, forecast to 2021

“Energy Storage Battery for Microgrids Sales” is an in-depth analysis of the energy storage battery for microgrids sales market across the world. The report analyses the size of the market and forecasts the valuation and the growth rate of the market in the span of next couple of years, including both key drivers and challenges of the overall market.


microgrid news roundup septemberSilicon Valley conference, expo first to have 100% renewable microgrid

VERGE 16 conference and expo taking place at one of Silicon Valley’s largest convention centers will utilize a 100% renewably powered microgrid to power the entire expo — modeling resilience, inter-operability and the potential of today’s clean economy. The conference will take place September 19 to 22 in Santa Clara, California.

More microgrid industry news:

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