Microgrids in the News 03/18/2011

First Micro-Grid, Distributed Energy Resource Community Coming to California

The first private commercial micro-grid project of its kind in California, called 2500 R Street, will enable homeowners to achieve net zero energy efficiency at an unprecedented rate of affordability. At the same time, utilities will gain the ability to dispatch and control their renewable resources discretely or in aggregate; improving utility transmission and distribution, deferring capital asset investment, improving grid reliability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with peak load generation.

All this is made possible by a simple, cost-effective energy management system that intelligently distributes generation and storage of renewable energy. Made by Sunverge Energy, located in Stockton, CA, the new home energy appliance, called the Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS), will be featured in the 34 single-family home LEED™ Platinum housing project. Read more

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