Microgrids in the News 02/14/2011

ABB commissioned Bloomberg Business week to survey energy professionals to learn their views on key energy issues.  Find out what they learned.   Pike Research has learned that there is a lot of interest from homeowners in Property Assessed Clean Energy financing programs. 

Are we serious about renewable energy?  In Colorado, NREL is.  In the past 3 years NREL has more than doubled in size and more than tripled its contributions to the local economy.  The Campo Kumeyaay Nation helps set the pace in San Diego with its wind farm that generates enough power for 30,000 homes.  Across the Pacific Ocean, officials on Kauai held an opening ceremony for the island’s first utility-scale solar farm.  In world new, the government of South Africa will begin to procure power from renewable energy producers this year.

What do we need from a smart-grid to make the future of electric vehicles “smarter”?

Don’t forget to make your reservations for the 2011 International Smart Grid Congress.

In Thailand the Marines are testing new environmental procedures in rugged, real world conditions.

Will we wave goodbye to fossil fuels?  The Obama Administration looks to take away subsidies from Oil & Gas to fund renewable energy spending.

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