Microrids in the News 02/06/2011

The British government takes steps to save energy, AND LIVES, with their new Green Energy Plan for Afghanistan.  Would you believe……one of the world’s highest oil producing regions is pushing to set the pace for alternative energy consumption?

Green energy consumption up 5.3% in MENA in 2010

Total consumption of alternative energy grew by 5.3 percent in the Middle East North Africa region in 2010, the second-highest rate globally after traditional green energy powerhouse Asia-Pacific. “New energies including wind, solar, nuclear power plants and biomass and environmentally clean technologies are a necessity for the region to keep pace with its new energy demand. This is the only way it can conserve its main lifeline, oil, for the long term,” said Shailesh Dash, CEO of Al Masah Capital, which issued a report on worldwide alternative energy consumption. More