Message from the Founder of HOMER Software – September 2022

Activity continues to move microgrids and hybrid power systems forward. The big news here in the U.S. is the passage of major climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act. In our article discussing the law, we focus on the transformational impact of the new policies. We expect it to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in the U.S. and I hope the law encourages other measures around the world.

We also feature an article on a new cost-effective solar project in Shungnak, Alaska, located north of the Arctic Circle. The growing number of solar microgrids above the Arctic Circle — where there is no or little solar output for a couple of winter months — is a testament to the cost reductions for solar panels.

As we talk with our colleagues at industry events such as at last week’s RE+ 2022, we see increasing interest for software tools to help meet resilience and clean energy goals. With that in mind, I encourage you to watch the on-demand HOMER Technology Workshop, “Destination Hybrid Success.” You will learn how two microgrids were optimized to provide resilience in power outages, cut carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

We also want to share an opportunity to register for a webinar next week on solar asset performance being hosted by our UL Solutions colleagues. Industry data has reported that solar assets are underperforming relative to pre-construction estimates. In ”Unlock Deeper Insights to Inform Energy Estimates and Optimize Solar Assets” technology experts will show how proprietary analytic tools can help draw well-rounded conclusions about a project’s performance and identify future opportunities.

Finally, I encourage you to read our “Call for Stories” and take a moment to submit projects modeled with HOMER software to be considered for our “Microgrid and Hybrid Power Project Spotlight” series. The deadline is October 15, 2022, so take action today.