International Hybrid Power Systems, May 22-23, Greece

Register now for the 4th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop from 22 – 23 May 2019 in Crete, Greece

Join HOMER Energy at the 4th International Hybrid Power Systems workshop. Dr. Peter Lilienthal will speak and present a full-day of training on the HOMER software May 21st.

What: 4th Annual Hybrid Power Systems Workshop
Date: May 21-23, 2019 (May 21 is a full day of HOMER training)
Location: Crete, Greece
Register: Online
Details: Dr. Lilienthal will speak on “The Impact of Falling Storage Prices on Least Cost Hybrid System Design” Wednesday, May, 22, at 11:30 – 13:10 in “Session 2B – Economic Evaluation and Regulations of Hybrid Systems.

The 4th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop will focus on the challenges that arise when high shares of renewables (wind, solar, hydro) are integrated into isolated/island power systems/micro-grids, in combination with batteries/flywheels and conventional power generators.
International experts, from industry and research, will explore applications in a variety of locations and operating environments with a focus on system design, operating experience, business models, economics, and implementation issues.

Be a part of this unique event on the stunning island of Crete, and discuss the challenges of Hybrid Power Systems, Microgrids and Island Power Systems with a knowledgeable group of Greek and international experts. In 80+ presentations and over 20 Workshop sessions, international experts will present their worldwide hands-on experiences and results. Finding viable combinations of conventional and renewable energy is one key solution for the efficient and sustainable running of these types of power systems.

During five dedicated project experience sessions, 120+ participants will explore lessons learned from peers who will describe solutions from around the world. Featured island grid locations include Indonesia, the Canary Islands, the Azores, Jamaica and many more.

The opening session will focus on grid integration of renewables in Greece. A dedicated session on project experiences in Greece will provide deep insights into the power systems of Greek islands with a focus on the workshop host island Crete, and case studies from Samos and Tilos.

Hybrid Power Systems Agenda

Have a look at this year’s comprehensive program: the spectrum of topics ranges from hybrid system technologies and system modeling/simulation to ancillary services and forecasting issues. See the program.

The workshop addresses a wide audience:

  • system planners and designers
  • operators of small systems
  • project developers and consultants
  • universities and research institutes
  • regulators and NGOs
  • technology vendors of distributed variable generation & storage technology

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to present your up-to-date research or technical developments to a large international audience in the field of the hybrid power systems, micro-grids and islanded power systems. Early registration discounts are still available so register now.

This conference is being organized by Energynautics, Germany, and it is a partner event of the renowned Solar and Wind Integration Workshops and the E-Mobility Power Systems Integration Symposium organized annually by Energynautics.