Ideal Power Introduces Grid Resilient 30kW Power Conversion System

Ideal Power Inc. introduced its Grid Resilient 30kW Power Conversion System (PCS) with microgrid forming capabilities. This new product will work in both 50Hz and 60Hz environments and support grid resiliency for commercial and industrial customers worldwide, giving them the additional ability to form their own microgrid to enable backup power during grid power outages.

The newest generation 30kW 2-Port PCS is based on Ideal Power’s 30kW Hybrid Converter and utilizes its award-winning Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA) which provides electrical isolation while eliminating the need for a transformer, making it smaller, lighter and more cost effective than traditional power converters. This new power converter has bi-directional DC and AC ports supporting both grid-tied and microgrid applications.

The Company’s new 30kW 2-Port PCS will dramatically reduce the size and weight of microgrid forming power electronics which reduces material, manufacturing, shipping and installation costs. Its PPSA architecture also significantly improves round-trip efficiency over traditional power converters, further improving payback periods.