HOMER Pro News

The response to the October 2014 release of HOMER Pro has been very positive, but we are not done yet! We are gearing up for the January 15 release of HOMER Pro 3.1, which will bring full HOMER 2 capability and much more to HOMER Pro. Meanwhile, here are some things that HOMER users should make note of:

  • HOMER Pro 3.0.9 is now available as a no-cost upgrade for HOMER Pro users. It fixes several significant bugs. You can always view known issues and bug fixes here.
  • HOMER Pro 3.1 will be a free upgrade for current users. It will include two new modules – advanced grid and hydrogen.
  • Our launch special pricing and matching license offer (see below) end with the release of HOMER 3.1. So we recommend purchasing before January 15 to take advantages of these offers.
  • There is much more coming in 2015 – certification programs, trainings, French and Spanish versions, many new components, and new capabilities.
  • We appreciate your patience as we introduced a new licensing program that allowed us to customize HOMER Pro to your needs. We will be simplifying the licensing with HOMER Pro 3.1. Thanks to all our users who have helped us troubleshoot the new system.

HOMER Pro is available as a two-week trial, with no credit card required. Current HOMER 2 licensees can get a base version of HOMER Pro to match their HOMER 2 license at no additional cost – but only through January 15, 2015. Visit the HOMER website today to download your copy.