HOMER and Energy Utility API Streamline Access to Utility Data

One of the challenges of modeling distributed energy systems – and quantifying their potential to reduce your electricity bill – is getting accurate data on your electricity use.

Now with HOMER Energy software products, we make it easier to get fifteen minute interval data on electricity use from our partner Utility API.

Utility API offers utility data access and automation services for distributed energy resources (DERs), building management, and energy efficiency companies.
Whether you are an existing utility customer, an engineer, EPC, solar developer or other type of provider offering energy services to a utility customer, Utility API will save you time and effort.

Instead of reaching out to individual utilities to get data for yourself or your customer, you put in a request to Utility API, and if the customer approves it, you can access consumption data in a standardized and secure format that enables optimal management of energy resources. You can request data either on a one-time or ongoing basis.

With accurate :15 minute interval data, the process of modeling distributed energy systems and microgrids using the HOMER software will be much more accurate. When you have a Utility API data file, you can easily upload it into the HOMER software, and begin your modeling process.

Not all utilities provide detailed usage data yet, but more are improving their ability to share this kind of information every day; that’s essential for designing renewable energy and distributed energy projects. If utilities do provide usage data, Utility API can access it in the easiest way possible.

Visit Utility API to learn more.

Learn more about the Green Button Alliance, the nonprofit industry organization established to promote data sharing. Utility API Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Roesler has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Green Button Alliance (GBA).

Download HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid and see how Utility API data integrates with the software.