Clinton Foundation, NRG and Solar Manufacturers Partner To Power Hospital in Haiti with Solar Energy

NRG Energy recently announced the completion of the first project of a new partnership with the Clinton Foundation to continue bringing solar power to Haiti. An advanced solar panel power system was installed at Hospital Bernard Mevs, one of the only trauma, critical care and rehabilitation hospitals in Haiti, with contributions from leading solar technology manufacturers SMA, Unirac, Trina and Sunora Energy.

Solar power can help improve the quality and reliability of health care delivery to the more than 10,000 patients that the hospital treats every year by significantly reducing its dependence on an unreliable grid power system. The 100-kilowatt solar array and battery storage system is also expected to empower the hospital to enhance its life-saving services and equipment.

When completed, the hospital will benefit from solar power in three main ways:

  • The solar system will significantly offset the need for diesel-fueled electricity

  • The reliable energy source will provide the “always on” power needed to protect sensitive medical equipment from regular power surges or outages that can be damaging

  • The emissions-free energy source will reduce pollution.
    NRG’s partnership with the Clinton Foundation follows the 2012 completion of the company’s $1 million commitment made through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to bring the benefits of clean, safe solar power in Haiti to a fish farm, a farm drip irrigation system, and 20 schools.

    The project received support from leading solar technology manufacturers, including SMA, Unirac, Trina and Sunora Energy Solutions, which donated all of the solar panels, equipment and materials needed to install the Hospital Bernard Mevs array.