California Awards $21.8 Million for Microgrids

On February 3rd, the California Energy Commission announced the proposed award recipients of its solicitation for funding for projects that  “[support] the development of microgrids that incorporate clean, low-carbon energy resources with energy storage and on-site energy management systems” and grid-linked electric vehicles. The awards must be approved at a public meeting of Energy Commission Business Meeting before funds can be granted.

The solicitation notes the importance of these projects: “These microgrids will help the state of California achieve its carbon reduction goals and serve as models for integrating a range of technologies into the larger grid, including electric vehicles.”

Of $27.3 million available in funding, $21.8 million was awarded to microgrid projects. The proposed winning projects will provide energy for a Native American tribal community in Blue Lake Rancheria, fire stations in Fremont, a wastewater treatment plant in Laguna, and other projects.