Bosch to Receive $2.8 Million to Demonstrate DC Microgrid Project

The California Energy Commission has announced a proposed award to Robert Bosch LLC for $2.8 million to demonstrate its Direct-Current Building-Scale Microgrid Platform at a Honda Motor Co. parts distribution center.

The Bosch DC microgrid project will connect rooftop solar PV arrays to energy-efficient DC lighting, DC ventilation and DC energy storage systems on a 380-volt DC bus. The project is intended to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a commercial-scale DC building grid  to provide reliable power, resilience during grid outages, increased energy efficiencies and renewable energy utilization, allowing commercial buildings to become zero-net-energy users in a cost-effective manner.

For this project, Bosch is partnering with Navigant Consulting and the California Lighting Technology Center, UC Davis. Additionally, Bosch will partner with a number of California-based companies, including Maxwell Technologies and Imergy Power Systems, for the complete technology supply chain. Together, Bosch and its partners provided $1.79 million in in-kind and matching funds to assist in the development, planning and execution of the project.