1st Rail Microgrid, Solar in Bangladesh & more Microgrid News Highlights — January 5, 2017

Microgrid News Highlights — January 5,  2017

microgrid news highlights january 5SteamaCo Positioned to Build on 2016 Success, Deliver Energy to sub-Saharan Africa

SteamaCo systems currently manage 25 microgrids supplying renewable power (80 kW total) to about 1,000 homes and small businesses in Kenya and Tanzania. Other systems manage different technologies, including a water grid in Nepal. Microgrid electricity powers homes and enables businesses to operate. Yale’s Environment 360 has featured SteamaCo’s work in a special E360 report and the BBC listed SteamaCo’s electricity grids as the top African product to watch in 2017.

New Jersey Moves Forward with First Ever Rail Microgrid Project

The objective of the $577 million NJ TRANSITGRID project, the first of its kind in the United States for public transportation, is to implement a microgrid capable of providing reliable power for core critical transit infrastructure supporting rail systems operated by NJ TRANSIT and other operators of the Northeast Corridor (NEC). The microgrid will be capable of supplying highly resilient power during critical times when the regional electric grid may be compromised due to storms or other events.

microgrid news highlights january 5

Farmer in front of Solar Irrigation system in Bangladesh (photo via World Bank)

Bangladesh Emerges as a Hotbed for Solar Microgrids

Bangladesh has been a pioneer when it comes to both micro finance and micro solar. Natural complements, their combination has led to a boom in what’s being called “swarm electrification” – development of local nanogrids and microgrids that allow solar homeowners to sell surplus electrical power directly to other microgrid participants via peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Young Bangladeshi start-ups are key players in Bangladesh’s fast moving distributed renewable energy industry and market.

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