Weekly Microgrid News Highlights, October 12, 2016

Weekly Microgrid News Highlights October 12, 2016

microgrid news october 2016

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New Energy Task Force Approves Draft Recommendation for Comprehensive Reforms

The New Energy Task Force proposal approved last week recommends the return of net metering — which had been controversially revoked less than a year before — to Nevada. This recommendation is part of a wider reform push from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. It also suggests that the state re-open planning for the Clean Power Plan, consider bills to authorize a “minimum billing structure” for solar customers, and require that utilities include energy storage and distributed resources in their generation and grid planning processes.

ABB to Install Microgrid at Vadodara Facility, Boosting Push for Renewables

ABB will install a fully integrated and standardized microgrid at its Vadodara facility in Gujarat, India to help boost renewable energy generation while reducing dependency on fossil fuel. This microgrid, with a rooftop photovoltaic field at the company’s biggest manufacturing location in India with around housing 3,000 employees, will help ensure uninterrupted power supply.

NERC to Finalize Microgrid Regulations

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has revealed its plans to finalize developments on the regulation of microgrids to boost energy access. The regulation provides for permit and tariff approval procedures, which will ease the administrative burden on the microgrid operator and ensure that the process of obtaining the permit occurs in a timely manner.


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