Weekly Roundup Microgrid News October 19, 2016


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Weekly Microgrid News Highlights October 19, 2016

Navy and Energy Commission Agree to Partner on Renewable Energy Projects

The California Energy Commission and the Department of the Navy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last week that will help the state and the Navy and Marine Corps continue to operate on the cutting edge of technology by pursuing innovative renewable energy initiatives.

“California and the Navy are taking action to boost energy efficiency and curb our dependence on fossil fuels,” said California Governor Jerry Brown. “This agreement will help expand renewable energy at military bases and secure water supplies in the face of drought.”

Hybrid Microgrids Could Cut N.W.T.’s Diesel Dependence by Half, Report Says

It will cost between $300 million and $780 million to cut the Northwest Territories’ use of diesel to generate electricity in half, according to a new report co-authored by former finance minister Michael Miltenberger. The report, The Northern Way, outlines a five-year plan to build hybrid microgrids in diesel powered communities. The micro-grids would combine solar, wind and diesel electricity generation.

Pure-play Battery or Hybrid Grid Energy Storage?

Battery charge and discharge is a comparatively slow process to the actual needs of an operating grid. Newly developing grid applications including renewables smoothing, fast-responding frequency regulation, rapid power delivery to stabilize systems, fast ramping and rapidly occurring voltage sags and other power quality issues, are now dominating utility thought processes as opposed to one-way centralized power generation and single-action battery storage.


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