Optimizing Distributed Generation from Remote Villages to the Modern Grid — Stojanovic at HIMC2017

ABB’s Bob Stojanovic to keynote at HIMC2017. Topic: Enabling and Optimizing Distributed Generation. Register for next month’s conference today!

Kicking off next month’s 5th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference (HIMC2017) is a keynote presentation everyone in the microgrid industry should hear. Bob Stojanovic, Director of Microgrids in North America, ABB, shares his unique perspective on “Enabling and Optimizing Distributed Generation, from Remote Villages to the Modern Macrogrid,” to conference attendees at the Embassy Suites, Denver, Colorado, at 9:40am, following a welcome speech by HOMER Energy Founder and CEO Peter Lilienthal. HIMC2017 takes place September 18-19, 2017, with optional HOMER Pro training September 20 and a “Bonus Day” of local renewable energy and microgrid tours September 21. HOMER Energy industry partner ABB, a leading provider of integrated power and automation solutions for conventional and renewable-based power generation plants, is the event’s Platinum Sponsor.

ABB Director of Microgrids Bob Stojanovic

Bob Stojanovic, who has been with ABB since 1999, has served in his current corporate business development role for the past two years, working across all ABB divisions and business units. When he’s not presenting about optimizing distributed generation, Bob leads a coordinated team effort to develop deep successful relationships with key customers and partners in the energy industry. His primary responsibility is to leverage ABB’s experience and technical expertise in order to enable the microgrid market to grow and reach its full potential. He manages business development, strategy and analysis of local markets, and development of new solutions including strategic relationships with customers, developers, and other key technology providers. Bob holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Western University, London, Ontario, Canada and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.

HIMC2017: ‘Microgrid Lessons from Global Markets’

Other HIMC2017 keynote speakers include Karl R. Rábago,  Executive Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center, and Cathy Zoi, Co-founder and President of Odyssey Energy. The full roster of conference speakers from around the globe is available on the HIMC2017 website, as is the full conference agenda. For more about the conference, see HIMC2017 Agenda: On-grid, Off-grid, Islands, Alaska, & More and HOMER International Microgrid Conference: Register Now for September Event!

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