Microgrid Industry News Highlights November 7, 2016

Microgrid Industry News Highlights
November 7,  2016

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Electricity to Rural Areas in Kenya and Developing Countries with Pay-as-you-go Microgrids

U.S.-based solar developer Renewvia Energy is bringing electricity to rural communities in Kenya and other developing countries through pay-as-you-go solar microgrids. Most of these communities will be experiencing electricity use for the first time. The microgrids will bring power to people and small business in remote areas otherwise ineligible to receive an affordable and reliable source of conventional utility power.

Panasonic to Partner on Denver Solar-plus-storage System

Energy storage company Younicos has signed an agreement with strategic partner Panasonic Corp. of North America to design and build a solar-plus-storage system at Peña Station NEXT in Denver, Colorado. The agreement includes the operations hub for Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company and Panasonic CityNOW. The system will make use of multiple Younicos Y.Cubes, the company’s “storage-in-a-box” solution for C&I applications

North America is Expected to Surpass Asia-Pacific as the Largest Microgrid Market by 2024

According to a recent report from Navigant Research, North America is expected to surpass Asia-Pacific as the largest microgrid market by 2024. The report, Market Data: Microgrids, aggregates data on seven primary microgrid segments (including two subsegments) across five regions. The study analyzes the entire microgrid market in terms of total annual and cumulative capacity and implementation revenue attached to the underlying assets.

From Energy Storage to Microgrids, String Inverters Are the Key to Expanding Solar’s Capabilities

Already, it’s possible to see the vital role string inverters are playing in boosting solar’s continuing growth — particularly when it comes to driving down costs so that solar can compete with and ultimately replace fossil fuel generation. Future solar plans will operate even more reliably and at lower operational costs. String inverters help with both.


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