Microgrids in the News 03/28/2011

Distributed Energy: A Field in Flux
Optimism is in the air as industry experts weigh in on their opinions of the state of the distributed-generation industry. Improvements in technology, a slowly reviving economy, and a greater spirit of partnership between public and private entities are granting distributed-generation projects a second look. A renewed interest on both the state (California, New York, Connecticut) and federal (Department of Energy) levels means tax incentives to build a better bottom line. In short, the industry is moving toward an upswing. More

Counterpoint: Smart grid not so dumb, for Canada
It is estimated that we will have to invest more than $10-billion annually over the next 20 years to modernize our generating, transmission and distribution systems across Canada. Indeed, a number of utilities are already investing billions of dollars in their infrastructure, but every utility doing something different from province to province is inefficient. What’s missing is a national strategy to ensure that Canada is investing in systems that will deliver a more reliable and cost-effectiv e supply of power.More

Growth in Distributed Power and Solar Energy As a Result of Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

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PG&E Smart Meter Plan Turns Wireless Off

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Thunder Bay to receive 10.5MW solar park

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