HOMER Tip: Using the proposal writer in HOMER software

HOMER software has an important feature designed to enhance client communication. The new proposal writer allows users to generate attractive, comprehensive reports documenting HOMER Pro modeling results in a few clicks.

These reports present powerful documentation of the cost savings that you – or your clients – can achieve by investing in distributed renewable energy systems. They distill, clarify and illustrate the complex factors that underlie investment decisions about these systems. And, they do it rapidly.

Use HOMER software to turn your pre-feasibility studies into solid results:

  • Win new projects:
    Our well-designed proposal tool extracts just the right amount of detail and highlights the key points of the project.
  • Boost client confidence:
    Let your current clients know the value of their project and how it’s likely to perform, both in terms of engineering and financial outcomes.
  • Sell more renewable energy solutions:
    Data-rich presentations created by the HOMER software proposal tool speak powerfully to engineers, financiers, utility executives, renewable energy developers, construction experts and other partners.
  • Stand out from the competition:
    Communicate your company’s expertise and diligence through well-designed, professionally designed reports.

To learn more about the proposal writer, please see the instructions in the manual about:
>> Client Proposal Report
>> Engineer Detail Report

Don’t keep your HOMER software results to yourself. Share them with your colleagues!