HOMER International Microgrid Conference & Other Event Updates


HOMER International Microgrid Conference 2016 to be held in NYC

HOMER International Microgrid Conference 2016, to take place November 7&8 in New York City, is finalizing speaker and agenda information. The conference offers two days worth of content  centered around this year’s theme, Microgrid Lessons from Global Markets. 

The conference kicks off with a keynote speech, The New York Reforming Energy Vision Strategy, by Audrey Zibelman, chair of the New York Public Service Commission. After the keynote address, attendees  have  two educational morning  sessions, a networking lunch, and two afternoon sessions, including a panel discussion on microgrid standards.

On day two, the conference begins with a “welcome” speech by HOMER Energy founder and CEO Peter Lilienthal. Following his presentation are two morning sessions covering microgrid market forecasts, regulatory challenges, financing, and commercialization. After lunch, the conference wraps up with intensive trainings covering either basic or advanced HOMER use.

The information above is subject to updates, please check regularly for the latest. For more information about the HOMER International Microgrid Conference 2016, please visit our website, ">email us, or call the HOMER Energy office at: +1 720-565-4046.



Solar Power International holds 2016 trade show in Las Vegas.

Peter Lilienthal to Present at Solar Power International Trade Show

In addition to his leadership role at HOMER Energy’s conference, CEO Peter Lilienthal will speak at Solar Power International’s 2016 trade show, September 12-15 in Las Vegas. SPI is North America’s largest and fastest growing solar trade show. Click here for more information about SPI.