HOMER Energy Launches Report Series Focused on Current Conditions and Future Potential of Distributed Energy Around the World

HOMER Market Insight Reports provide trends and targeted insights into early microgrid market activities for specific countries or regions.

Boulder, CO, October 10, 2018 — HOMER Energy announces the introduction of a new product – HOMER Market Insight Reports – a series of unique and targeted reports detailing the potential for distributed energy and microgrid development in selected countries around the world. Focusing on one country or region at a time, HOMER Market Insight Reports provide an in-depth analysis of this marketplace, complete with important context on energy infrastructure, the regulatory environment, and recent distributed energy development activity.

Information in the Market Insight Reports will enable stakeholders in the renewable energy industry to identify new international target markets, make more informed decisions about how renewable resources should be deployed, and more effectively and efficiently meet their customers’ needs. Stakeholders in all aspects of the microgrid and renewable energy industry will benefit from these reports, including project developers, engineering service providers, development agencies, engineers, equipment vendors, financial analysts, policy makers, and energy providers.

“These reports reveal a detailed and comprehensive picture of the microgrid marketplace,” said HOMER Energy Founder and CEO Peter Lilienthal. “They provide targeted insights into early market activities, including the optimal architecture of new energy systems that are in the planning phase. That means they are an important predictor of upcoming engineering and construction projects and can also be a stimulus to international cooperation on renewable energy development.”

Drawn from HOMER Energy’s unique and proprietary database of 1.7 million HOMER modeling software files optimizing the design of energy systems, the data in the HOMER Market Insight Reports provides richly detailed views of local market conditions, such as the types of equipment under consideration and the energy needs of different regions. As a reflection of the global HOMER Energy customer base, they also mirror the growth and characteristics of distributed energy worldwide.

The first HOMER Market Insight Report focuses on The Philippines, which has actively pursued microgrids and distributed generation because of its island geography and heavy dependence on expensive diesel generation.

The report provides an overview of Philippine energy infrastructure including transmission and distribution networks with maps, power characteristics, and ownership information. It describes the country’s energy and economic trends, national goals and relevant regulatory issues. Finally, using data available nowhere else, it provides details on microgrid and distributed energy projects. Finally, the report identifies key trends in microgrid development in the Philippines, mapping projects geographically, by size and equipment characteristics.

“We believe this unique data set will provide unrivaled value to major players in the global distributed energy ecosystem,” said Dr. Lilienthal. “These insights will be useful to investors, developers, and equipment manufacturers for the profiled countries,” he added. “Ultimately this kind of information paves the way for a more efficient renewable energy marketplace, and opens up opportunities for international trade and collaboration.”

The initial launch is focused on the Philippines, and additional reports are currently planned for Indonesia, India, and the East African region, along with a yearly market summary report. Free executive summaries of HOMER Energy Market Insight Reports can be obtained at http://www.homerenergy.com/market-insight.

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