Energy Technologies

HOMER Users are Ushering in the New Era of Clean Energy

Who are the little guys working in their pajamas that are going to usher in the new era of clean energy? The last NEXT BIG THING was ushered in by people like William Hewlett, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates. At the time they were little guys working in their dorm room or their parent’s garage. In the novel Ecotopia a young girl goofing around on her farm in Northern California invents […]

Is Clean Energy the Next Big Thing?

The clean energy industry is being invaded by refugees from the information processing industry. Having watched the explosion of technology and innovation in information and communication technology they admirably want to see that same pace of improvement applied to energy. Although there are important improvements in clean energy happening there are some very important fundamental differences that don’t seem to be adequately appreciated. Information and communication technology has improved by leaps and bounds […]