clean energy revolution

The Other Problem with Nuclear Power

I got into renewable energy in the 1970’s, partially in response to the prospect of an expansion of nuclear power.  I was videotaped by CBS News at Seabrook asking people to hire me to chop wood for them rather than support nuclear power.  Then Three Mile Island happened and for 3 decades it looked like the nuclear power industry was dead.  We got complacent and worried more about peak oil and climate change.  […]

The Clean Energy Innovator’s Dilemma

Are you one of the innovators that will disrupt the unsustainable energy industries and lead the clean energy revolution? The innovator’s dilemma is that established companies can’t develop the truly disruptive innovations that clean energy needs to transform the energy industry from the bottom up. I hope HOMER and this site empowers all of the innovators who are perfecting applications of clean energy starting with the smallest applications that have been neglected by […]