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Head of NY PSC to Keynote HOMER International Microgrid Conference

Audrey Zibelman, New York Dept of Public Service Commission chair, will give the keynote address at the 4th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference coming up in New York City on November 7-8, 2016. READ MORE...

HOMER User Tip: Using the Optimizer

HOMER Pro’s Optimizer offers a useful alternative to HOMER’s Search Space, enabling users to find the optimal sizes for system components. When using the Search Space, HOMER only considers the sizes of components that the user has specified. In addition, users often have no idea what sizes they should be considering (which is why they are using HOMER in the first place). READ MORE...

Main-grid and Microgrid Bankability
in Africa: A Comparison

Clusters of gas-fired turbines, big dams, and geothermal projects in Sub-Saharan Africa tend to have very complex financing structures. In addition, they also often involve complex debt/equity structures from local banks. Microgrids, however, are within the reach of much smaller organizations. READ MORE... 

Using Software to Make Case for Mini-grid Deployment

HOMER Energy’s Director of Energy Engineering John Glassmire explains that with tech innovation enabling end users to assert control of energy supply, the time has come for the rise of microgrid deployment. READ MORE...


Solar PV Recycling an Untapped Opportunity

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) boom currently underway will represent a significant untapped business opportunity as decommissioned solar panels enter the waste stream in the years ahead, according to a report. READ MORE...

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IEEE on Smart Building-Microgrid Integration

Special issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE presents 11 research papers. These include analysis of geo-referenced building data in evaluation of thermal microgrids and use of automated demand response (DR) systems in smart buildings and microgrids. READ MORE...


Time-of-Use Pricing Enhances Grid Power, Consumer Choice

Debates regarding state-level net metering policies and rates have been flaring up among consumers, solar market companies, and utilities. The issue cuts across a wide range of key factors that will shape the way electricity is produced, distributed, bought, sold, and priced in the United States in coming years. READ MORE...

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