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September 2015

MICROGRID 2015 - Economically Integrating Storage and Renewables for Resilience, Grid Stability, and Remote Power - Canberra, Australia October 14-15, 2015

Don't miss your chance to reserve your seat for Microgrid 2015 in Canberra, Australia. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has taken the bold position of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2025. So come be part of the excitement as we hear from industry leaders and creative academics who are leading the way in using distributed generation to reach this bold goal. Slots in our training sessions are selling out fast!


In Rural Alaska, Obama works to Speed the Renewable Energy Revolution

KOTZEBUE, Alaska - The White House announced that it would launch a $4 million initiative to speed the development of renewable energy in remote Alaskan communities, part of a package of new programs aimed at reducing fossil fuel use and countering climate impacts in the region of the world that is warming the fastest.

Alaskans paid an average price of 18.12 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity in 2013, according to federal data - second only to New York and Hawaii - but in this part of Alaska, residents pay at least 40 cents a kilowatt hour, even after receiving a state subsidy aimed at making energy costs more equitable across Alaska. Read more

What Exactly is a Microgrid?

What, exactly, is a microgrid?

The electricity grid is evolving, moving away from the traditional centralized grid and toward a more-distributed grid utilizing local sources of generation, resulting in more and more microgrids. At the same time, islands and remote communities around the world operate grids that are completely separate from any larger grid, and these are also often referred to as microgrids.

In general, microgrids are small power systems that use local generation resources to meet local electricity needs. However, since different people use the word “microgrid” to describe different things, it can be difficult to have a clear understanding of what is meant in specific situations. More important than agreeing on a standard definition of a microgrid is having a shared understanding of the specific microgrid in question in a particular situation. Read more

'Solar Cisterns' To Power 2000 Low Income Island Homes

Elecyr and Greentech Construction will provide total electric independence for thousands in the Caribbean and Central America. Advanced manufactured homes will use graphene nanotech batteries and share DC microgrids. Elecyr Corporation, and Greentech Construction Systems will provide grid independent power using electricity provided by rooftop solar collected in "Solar Cisterns" using graphene-enhanced battery systems that will last a lifetime and provide total independence from the electric grid. Read more

New Book On Microgrids Touts Energy Independence for Homeowners; Encourages Them to “Cut the Cord”

While rooftop solar has only recently had its tipping point, solar + storage in the form of batteries, will be following closely behind. In a new book by Vincent Battaglia, MBA, “Cut the Cord: How to Achieve Energy Independence by Joining the Solar-Powered Microgrid Revolution,” he examines the evolution of microgrids and explains this very accessible option for homeowners.

“People are ready to be free of energy provider monopolies,” Battaglia explains. “It’s our right to be able to create and use our own power as we see fit. Solar alone is only part of the solution – when you add battery storage to the picture, now you really control your own energy destiny.” Read more

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Project Profile: Fairfield, Connecticut as An Early Leader in Microgrid Development

The charming coastal town of Fairfield, Connecticut has won accolades as one of the best places to live in America. Its five miles of beach stretching along the Long Island Sound certainly add to its charm – but also put the town at risk when severe storms hit.

Crushing waves have flooded streets and even destroyed coastal homes in recent years. Along with the wind, rain, and water comes downed power lines and prolonged outages. Amidst worries that “storms of the century” are the new norm for residents of Connecticut and across the U.S., the town looked to microgrids. In an effort to proactively mitigate the damage and discomfort caused by future storms, Connecticut is an early leader in microgrid development. Now, if the power goes out, the town’s critical facilities can rely on a microgrid for electricity.

Read full article at Microgrid Knowledge

Two Microgrid Leaders Preview the Road Ahead, Ruts and All

Poised for rapid growth, the microgrid industry looks a lot like solar and independent power in earlier days.

Key players are moving into place to capture market share; regulators are trying to sort out their role; utilities are watching.

But U.S. microgrids also face some unique twists — and undeniable ruts in the road. Two microgrid leaders, Schneider Electric’s Jim Anderson and S&C Electric’s Mike Edmonds, sat down with us Wednesday at Smart Cities Week to talk about what will hurt and help the microgrid market as it grows.

Read full article at Microgrid Knowledge


New Industry Partner: Redflow

Redflow is a market leader in flow battery technology, providing high density energy storage solutions with a small footprint. Redflow is the first flow battery company to outsource the manufacturing of its products. Read more

New Industry Partner: Brightmerge

Brightmerge empowers a new generation of energy entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to build independent grids in emerging markets. Brightmerge is rolling out user-friendly web based services designed for business people, to guide entrepreneurs step by step through this complex process, including requirements, permits, plans, financials and ongoing operations. Read more

ABB Microgrid Solution to Boost Renewable Energy Use by Remote Community in Kenya

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won an order from Socabelec East Africa Ltd. to design, supply and install a PowerStore flywheel-based microgrid stabilization solution for the Marsabit wind farm in northern Kenya. The country plans to quadruple its energy output in the next five years bringing on board an additional 5,000 megawatts (MW) of power capacity, with the aim of providing the majority of its approximately 50 million citizens access to electricity by 2020. The renewable energy sector in Kenya is among the most active in Africa, and the country possesses some of the continent’s most abundant and consistent wind resources. Read more

UGE International and Alpha Energy to Collaborate on Microgrid Projects

UGE International, a global leader in distributed renewable energy solutions for businesses, and Alpha Energy, an engineering procurement and construction firm, have entered into an agreement to work jointly on the development, installation, maintenance and financing of distributed generation projects. The collaboration will put forth a unique vertically integrated team, with the ability to efficiently approach the distributed generation and energy storage markets on a global basis, which is projected to grow at a rate of 300 percent per year according to Navigant Research. Read more


Infocast’s Commercial & Government Microgrids Summit, the 7th iteration of its kind, will provide a platform for decision makers from the Federal, State and Local- Levels to outline their microgrids funding opportunities and deployment plans in a number of applications for increasing energy security and grid resiliency. The event will also bring commercial end-users and utilities together with leading renewable energy and microgrid developers, system integrators, energy storage companies, microgrid enabling technology companies and financiers to tackle the technical and financial challenges of developing microgrids for a myriad of markets. Click here for more information.

Energy and Mines Toronto Summit

October 22-23, 2015

HOMER Energy is supporting and participating in the 3rd annual Energy and Mines Toronto Summit which will bring together senior mining leaders with renewable energy experts to discuss solutions for addressing mining’s power challenges. Enter the code “homer20” on the registration page to receive a 20% discount.

Over 400+ mining operators and energy experts will attend the Summit, which is now well established as the meeting place for the mining and energy sectors to network and discuss power solutions for mining operators. This year’s event has a strong focus on microgrid applications for remote mining operations and energy storage applications for the global mining sector.

This global Summit is now well-established as the meeting place for the mining and renewable energy sectors to networking and understand the potential for collaboration on reliable, sustainable and affordable power for mines.

Visit www.energyandmines.com/toronto for more information or contact Adrienne Baker.

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