Solar Energy

Solar Energy International Honors Walt Ratterman as a “Solar Hero”

Solar Energy International of Carbondale, Colorado USA has a established a scholarship fund in honor of fallen solar hero Walt Ratterman, who lost his life in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake: “SEI is deeply saddened by the loss of Walt Ratterman, who perished in the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Walt was an instructor, alumni, supporter and friend of SEI.  He was also an incredibly dedicated one-of-a-kind individual who touched thousands of people’s […]

Visions of the Future from an Airplane Window

In the early 1980’s I was selling high efficicency sodium lighting. I could look out an airplane window and tell that there was a huge potential to increase the efficiency of outdoor lighting. It was easy to see where old fashioned blue-tinted mercury vapor lights were being used and where the newer high efficiency gold-tinted sodium lights were. Over the next 2 decades the gold became ubiquitous. Now when I look out the […]