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Microgrids in the News 04/14/2011

  Netherlands tests automated-energy homes Solar Powered Washing Machine Knows When Sun Shines Smart Grid Works for Utilities, but Not Yet for Consumers U.S. Army Uses Big Battery in Microgrid Test Government must continue with feed-in tariff Solar-produced power is money in the bank SunShot: Lowering the Price of Electricity from the Sun

Microgrids in the News 04/13/2011

  Rebuilding Haiti’s Health Infrastructure with Renewable Energy Smart grid funding falls off cliff; M&A activity also drops The Other Problem with Nuclear Power Decentralized Power and Disaster Preparation

Microgrids in the News 04/06/2011

  Google, Warren Buffett May Be Next Wind-Turbine Buyers, Suzlon, Vestas Say Coal Use Criticized by IEA as Energy Leaders Meet in Abu Dhabi What green thinkers think about green What America Gains by Greening the Grid 150 Million HAN-enabled Smart Meters by 2020 ZBB Energy to Provide Energy Storage for Army’s Micro-Grid Project

Microgrids in the News 03/28/2011

Distributed Energy: A Field in Flux Optimism is in the air as industry experts weigh in on their opinions of the state of the distributed-generation industry. Improvements in technology, a slowly reviving economy, and a greater spirit of partnership between public and private entities are granting distributed-generation projects a second look. A renewed interest on both the state (California, New York, Connecticut) and federal (Department of Energy) levels means tax incentives to build […]

Microgrids in the News 03/21/2011

Light Plant Looking for a Few Smart Customers Concord Municipal Light Plant is looking for volunteers to participate in a pilot program for a state of the art energy management system this summer.This pilot program is part of Concord’s implementation of its new Smart Grid. It’s a digital network that will help the town manage energy demands and costs, and help customers improve their own energy conservation and usage.  Concord’s 2009 Town Meeting […]

The First True Smart Grids are Being Built Today – in Alaska

The first true “smart grids” are already being built, but they aren’t where you would expect.  It is not Boulder Colorado’s much-hyped SmartGridCity, built by Xcel at a cost of $140 million dollars.  That is little more than a collection of smart meters and a fiber optic network. If you want to see a smart grid today with distributed load control, energy storage, and extremely high penetrations of renewable power you need to […]

Migrogrids in the News 03/15/2011

Top Energy Stories: Japan Faces Potential Nuclear Disaster as Radiation Levels Rise Japan’s nuclear crisis verged toward catastrophe on Tuesday after an explosion damaged the vessel containing the nuclear core at one reactor and a fire at another spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air. More Black Swan Over Tokyo This post on the Japanese nuclear crisis focuses on the “Black Swan” theory of philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who wrote a […]

Microgrids in the News 03/11/2011

Today’s resources and news stories: Talking Smart Grid In The Land Of Lincoln The Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and other Chicago energy decision makers debate the merits and characteristics of a smart grid for the city. More

Can the Smart Grid Exist Without Renewable Energy?

In this article summarizing the Distributech Conference and Exhibition, All About the Smart Grid, author Elizabeth Cutright puts forth the argument that no true “smart grid” can exist without full inclusion of renewable energy. Here at Microgrid News we could not agree more. Let’s get a Smart Grid, not a “more modern stupid grid.”