Updates from Africa, Costa Rica, U.S. (Bronzeville) & more Microgrid News Highlights — December 21, 2016

microgrid news highlights decemberVia Solar energy system at Veragua Rainforest

Rural African power at $7/month, Costa Rica: Central America’s largest microgrid, ComEd moves forward in Bronzeville despite lack of legislation & more microgrid news highlights December 21, 2016

HOMER Energy’s Weekly New Highlights, June 24, 2016

President Obama announcing a national public-private partnership to scale up integration of renewable energy and storage, and Tesla Motors $2.8 billion dollar bid to acquire SolarCity are among this week’s news highlights.

Microgrids in the News 03/11/2011

Today’s resources and news stories: Talking Smart Grid In The Land Of Lincoln The Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and other Chicago energy decision makers debate the merits and characteristics of a smart grid for the city. More

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Here are some of today’s highlights in the world of micro-grids, the smart grid, and renewable energy: Just how much impact will a Smart Grid have? Check out the analysis by Good/Transparency of the potential energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction resulting from a Smart-Grid deployment.  Although we would argue that they have dramatically underestimated the potential of renewables through the incorporation of micro-grids into the SmartGrid, it remains an interesting starting point. […]