Ending Worldwide Rural Energy Poverty with Clean, Off-grid Solutions: Part 2

microgrids-address-global-energy-povertyWind turbines help Kodiak Island go 100% renewable energy. From: https://assets.rbl.ms/6466890/980x.jpg

Part 1 of this post addressed the issue of global energy poverty in rural areas: its implications, challenges, and promising developments in African nations and in India. Part 2 addresses off-grid problems in Haiti, potential microgrid solutions in Alaska, and the population-empowering “Minigrid Game.” Haiti struggles with extreme energy poverty Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Seventy-five percent of Haitians lack electricity access and must cook and light their homes with […]

Microgrids in Haiti

Poor african kid

Haiti has an urgent need for increased access to modern power. It has the lowest electrification rate in the Western Hemisphere and even the urban areas with access to grid power have such a problem with power quality and availability that individual diesel generators are the supply option of choice for most businesses. As part of a project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, HOMER Energy is working with Soluz, Navigant Consulting, the […]

Solar Energy International Honors Walt Ratterman as a “Solar Hero”

Solar Energy International of Carbondale, Colorado USA has a established a scholarship fund in honor of fallen solar hero Walt Ratterman, who lost his life in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake: “SEI is deeply saddened by the loss of Walt Ratterman, who perished in the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Walt was an instructor, alumni, supporter and friend of SEI.  He was also an incredibly dedicated one-of-a-kind individual who touched thousands of people’s […]

Microgrids in the News 04/13/2011

  Rebuilding Haiti’s Health Infrastructure with Renewable Energy Smart grid funding falls off cliff; M&A activity also drops The Other Problem with Nuclear Power Decentralized Power and Disaster Preparation

Powering Health

HOMER Energy has renewed its contract with the US Agency for International Development and Tetratech to design hybrid renewable energy systems for rural health clinics and hospitals in Haiti. Called “Powering Health,” the work includes updates to a simplified online model of the HOMER software www.homerenergy.com customized to the needs of rural health clinics. The Haiti project is for a great example of how HOMER can be customized for specific applications. HOMER originally […]