HOMER CEO Peter Lilienthal: Watch Interview on Asian Microgrid Market; Plan for Solar Power Int’l

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HOMER CEO Peter Lilienthal gave an in-depth interview about the Asian microgrid market last month at Asian Utility Week (ASUW) 2016. In this video available on the Engerati YouTube channel, Lilienthal discusses the different Asian markets for microgrids and renewable energy, from areas having little or no energy infrastructure to those using fossil-fuel based energy sources in dealing with an unreliable grid, to developed countries looking for more resilient solutions. He explains recent […]

HOMER Energy’s Weekly New Highlights, June 24, 2016


President Obama announcing a national public-private partnership to scale up integration of renewable energy and storage, and Tesla Motors $2.8 billion dollar bid to acquire SolarCity are among this week’s news highlights.

Microgrid Antifragility: Don’t Be a Turkey


Like banks “too big to fail,” the grids in most developed nations are so fragile and interdependent that they are vulnerable to natural or human-made disasters that can cripple whole cities and regions. Microgrids, however, are like your local bank: independent from other local banks and thus much more resilient to unexpected future events. Resilience is an obvious  benefit of breaking the grid system into smaller components independent of each others’ operation. But […]

[Breaking News] Tesla Makes Offer to Acquire SolarCity (repost)

A SolarCity roof install in progressA SolarCity roof install in progress

Blog post from the Tesla Team, June 21, 2016: Tesla’s mission has always been tied to sustainability. We seek to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation by offering increasingly affordable electric vehicles. And in March 2015, we launched Tesla Energy, which through the Powerwall and Powerpack allow homeowners, business owners and utilities to benefit from renewable energy storage. It’s now time to complete the picture. Tesla customers can drive clean cars and […]

Solar PV Recycling Offers Significant Untapped Business Opportunity, New Report Shows

Solar PV blog post 6 21 2016

Technical potential of materials recovered from end-of-life solar PV panels could exceed $15 billion by 2050 Munich, Germany, 20 June 2016 – The global solar photovoltaic (PV) boom currently underway will represent a significant untapped business opportunity as decommissioned solar panels enter the waste stream in the years ahead, according to a report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS). The […]

HOMER Energy’s Handpicked New Highlights, Week Ended June 17, 2016

NYU Microgrid

A lot of news regarding microgrids and distributed energy resources development this past week, including NY’s ConEd partnering with SunPower and Sunverge to install residential solar PV and Li-ion battery storage systems to build to pilot virtual power plants in Brooklyn and Queens.

Maryland Proposal Shines Light on Opposing Forces in Utility-Owned Microgrid Debate


A June 5 news report shines a light on key concerns at the center of state legal and regulatory debates that revolve around utility-owned and public service-oriented microgrid projects and programs. At issue is whether or not regulated utilities should be permitted to own and operate microgrids. Advisers have recommended the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) deny Baltimore Gas & Electric’s (BGE) request to recover $16.6 million from ratepayers as part of a proposed […]

HOMER Energy’s Handpicked News Highlights, Week Ended June 10, 2016

*Tata Power*Tata Power

Renewable microgrids in Alabama, India and South Africa and solar net metering’s effects on utility business models and rates are highlights of this past week’s distributed clean energy news.

Remote Utility Projects Fuel 2GW Rise in Global Microgrid Capacity


Navigant Research added nearly 1,600 microgrid projects with a combined generation capacity of 15 gigawatts (GW) to its 2Q Microgrid Tracker, an indication of the extent and degree to which stakeholders are turning to distributed zero- and low-emissions microgrids enhance energy security, reliability, efficiency and resiliency and reduce power sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

How Time-of-Use Pricing Can Enhance Grid Power and Consumer Choice

State_Net_Metering_Policies1214 Natl Council State Legislatures

¨Time of Use¨pricing can unlock potential gains in grid reliability, efficiency and resiliency, as well as lead to development of effective new business models for utilities and greater choice for consumers, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute.