Microgrids in the News 02/17/2011

What is happening in the US?  Will Congress step up to the president’s challenge to take the steps to boost renewable energy?While many renewable energy projects are stalling, Texas (the leading producer of crude oil in the US) is setting the standard in for wind power.  Break out your sunscreen so you can attend the Smart Grid Technology Conference 2011, to be held on San Jose, California on June 1st and 2nd.  A 20 year life and high density will have Saft’s lithium battery playing a key role in the continued development of California’s distributed energy community housing project of 2500 R Street.

In global news, read about a new World Bank report that suggests how India could reduce chronic outage issues, increase the electricity supply, and provide power to some of the 56% of households in rural areas that do not currently have access at all.  Will the lithium-ion battery be the Sputnik of the smart-grid race?  Russia asked Ener1 to develop an energy storage system to help modernize their aging grid.

Who will make the “Coolest” Clean Energy TV commercial?  Find out who wins the “Renewable Future” contest on May 7.

Interesting information……Sunverge says their Solar and Battery system could reduce electricity bills by 20-30% for homeowners in time-of-use regions.  See an interesting video about some issues that utility companies may not what you to know about smart-grid and our energy future.  Dylan Brooks attempts to make the complicated subject of Climate Change a bit simpler to understand.

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