Demand response, distributed generation, and utilities in focus as we move to a renewable energy future

First Micro-Grid, Distributed Energy Resource Community Coming to California
California Dreaming?  While the utility companies grapple with how they will incorporate the renewable energy needed to meet California’s renewable energy goals, Sunverge Energy moves forward with the first private commercial micro-grid project of its kind in California.  The project, called 2500 R Street, will enable homeowners to achieve net zero energy efficiency at an unprecedented rate of affordability.  Montana wrestles with its own issues as the state tries to negotiate the future its net metering and decentralized renewable energy.

EU Must Fully Switch to Renewable Energy by 2050, Experts Say
Globally, a commission on future fuels announced that the EU’s transport network needs to be nearly 100% carbon free by 2050 and an Australian social media site, Solamaps, is working to create the first interactive map depicting home solar installations across the globe.

Top renewable power users list brings some shockers
Intel leads the way as the EPA honors its top 50 users of renewable energy.  Who else made the cut?  You might be surprised at what you find.

California Utility Lays out Vision for Future Smart Grid

The Industry Demands Better Demand Response

Social Media site creating the first global map of home solar installations

Decentralized renewable energy key to Montana’s future

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