HOMER Energy Newsletters


  • December 2017
    A new release of HOMER Pro (3.11) features integration with popular solar modeling tools HelioScope and PVsyst; how the Sigora Haiti microgrid brings 24/7, reliable electricity to the island’s poorest populations; we provide an update on work in Puerto Rico. Read More
  • November 2017
    How the HOMER combined dispatch algorithm models microgrid controllers; categorizing microgrids; evaluating batteries vs. hybrid storage, and tens of thousands of equipment options in HOMER…Read more »
  • October 2017
    After Hurricane Maria, rebuilding Puerto Rico with distributed energy, Microgrid lessons from the off-grid world, new GridNXT microgrid testing facility… Read more »
  • September 2017
    HIMC2017 microgrid conference preview, Hurricanes Irma & Harvey’s microgrid lessons, and NREL on peak shaving/demand charge reduction… Read more »
  • August 2017
    Peter Lilienthal on the HOMER SaaS API, Are we headed for a major grid defection? …and a user tip for simulating geothermal power… Read more  »
  • July 2017
    New Format! Dr. Peter Lilienthal on helping millions understand microgrids, solar power in Africa, and using HOMER Pro to model waste-to-energy and biomass. Read more »
  • June 2017
    The Power of HOMER Pro 3.9, IRENA on renewable energy job growth, the upcoming HOMER International Microgrid Conference… Read more »
  • May 2017
    Solar microgrid lights Palestinian microgrid; HOMER Energy conference call for speakers; crowdfunding microgrids, U.S. microgrid innovations… Read more »
  • April 2017
    Powering pot production, HOMER user case study: SAFT, free training, emerging solar microgrid market in Africa, 5 steps to end rural energy poverty… Read more »
  • March 2017
    HOMER trainings in Asia with Peter Lilienthal, microgrids for cannabis cultivation, more island microgrids, Africa update… Read more »
  • February 2017
    IRENA: Democratic microgrid systems, new HOMER support & partner programs, 2016 year-in-review… Read more »
  • January 2017
    Tesla outlook for 2017: conflicting opinions, Haiti microgrid repairs after Matthew, upcoming Myanmar event…


  • December 2016
    HOMER in Spanish, Palestinian Microgrids, User Tips, Trainings & More News…
  • November 2016
    Industry Leaders Address Issues, Tech at Recent HOMER Microgrid Conference, Senegal Powers into Solar Future…
  • October 2016
    HOMER International Microgrid Conference, Rwanda microgrids, HOMER Energy contributes to IRENA report…
  • September 2016
    HOMER Pro 3.7, case study: CSSI — First Nations microgrid, grid-scale or local renewable energy?…
  • August 2016
    HPNet: micro-hydro power, introducing HOMER Pro 3.7, case study: Shell Foundation — Philippines…
  • July 26, 2016
    Microgrid bankability in Africa, Audrey Zibelman to keynote HOMER International Microgrid Conference, using software to make case for microgrid deployment…
  • July 13,  2016
    HOMER Energy CEO talks Microgrids, antifragility and the microgrid, new projects worldwide fuel microgrid market growth…
  • June 2016
    HOMER 3.6 Steps Up to Storage Challenge, 4th Annual HOMER Microgrid Conference, Danvest Joins HOMER Industry Partner Program Read more »
  • May 2016
    Smart Grid Delivery, Edison Awards, and Peer to Peer Energy Exchange Read more »
  • February 2016
    HOMER Gets a lot Smarter, Microgrids are Suddenly Everywhere, Black & Veatch Joins HOMER Industry Partner Program Read more »


  • December 2015
    Insights from the HOMER Energy Microgrid 2015 Conference, Lighting African Households with Smartphones, Free online HOMER training Read more »
  • October 2015
    Fleet of Hybrid Electric Buildings, Africa can quadruple its share of Renewable Energy, Clean Energy Mini grids, Read more »
  • September 2015
    Renewable Energy Revolution in Alaska; What, exactly, is a Microgird?; Solar Cisterns; Energy Independence for Homeowners Read more »
  • August 2015
    Microgrid Power comes to a Native American Reservation; How do you Keep the Microgrid from failing?; Ontario plans Microgrid Read more »
  • July 2015
    HOMER Energy’s 3rd annual Microgrid Conference; HOMER Pro 3.3 released; Renewable Energy and Island Nations Read more »
  • June 2015
    Microgrid 2015 Conference Announced & Call for Speakers and Case Studies; Microgrid Market has Tripled; Bringing Microgrids to Rural Villages; AMS Signs Deal with Tesla; Where is HOMER Pro Used? Call for Case Studies: India. Read more »
  • May 2015
    Security Comes First: Renewable Energy and the Boko Haram Kidnappings; Batteries for Your PV System: How Much Do You Need?; Deep Dive Workshop in Manila, June 15; Save the Date! Microgrid 2015 Conference; Advocacy Group Proposes Microgrid Organizer; Powerhive Plans to Bring Microgrids to 200,000 homes in Kenya; US Army Demonstrates EIO Microgrid. Read more »
  • April 2015
    Rocky Mountain Institute Releases Load Defection Report; WEBINAR: What’s All the Fuss? Grid and Battery Costing and Modeling Approaches in HOMER; HOMER Pro 3.2 Now Available; Call for Case Studies; Full day HOMER Training in Manila; Colorado Developer Puts “World’s Largest Planned Microgrid” on the Market; HOMER Software Grows from NREL Origins to Standard for Global Microgrids. Read more »
  • March 2015
    Free Webinar: Tour of HOMER Pro with the Pros from HOMER Energy; A Technology-Driven Disruption of Historic Proportion; Developers Use Storage to Keep Housing Off Grid; Raytheon Demonstrates 100% PV-Powered Microgrid System. Read more »
  • February 2015
    Free Webinar: Modeling the CellCube Energy Storage System in Connected and Remote Microgrids; HOMER Pro 3.1.2 Released, Trial Period Extended to 30 Days; From the Village to the World: Alaska Bridges the Gap; U.S. States Develop Microgrid Programs; Identifying Early Adopter Markets in India. Read more »
  • January 2015
    HOMER Pro 3.1 price changes coming; Best Practices in Microgrids for Rural Electrification; RMI and Carbon War Room Merge in Strategic Alliance; Hybrid Energy Innovations Conference. Read more »


  • December 2014
    Microgrids in Haiti; HOMER Pro news; Sunny development in West Central Africa; Partner program launch. Read more »
  • November 2014
    HOMER Energy announces HOMER Pro: A completely redesigned and updated version of HOMER; HOMER Energy CEO speaks on localized energy solutions; HOMER Energy welcomes new industry partner program members. Read more »
  • October 2014
    Barcelona workshop sells out; IDB launches Sustainable Energy for All in the Americans in Santiago, Chile; HOMER Energy announces HOMER Pro release this month. Read more »
  • September 2014
    Barcelona workshop close to selling out; Storage in microgrids a growing phenomenon; Free visibility opportunity for educators and non-profits. Read more »
  • August 2014
    Early bird discounts still available for HOMER Microgrid Deployment Workshop in Barcelona; New survey examines views of U.S. utilities on microgrids; Gildemeister’s CellCube included in HOMER software. Read more »
  • July 2014
    Registration continues for HOMER Microgrid Deployment Workshop in Barcelona; HOMER’s roots in village power; U.S. Department of Energy microgrid competition. Read more »
  • June 2014
    Registration open for HOMER Microgrid Deployment Workshop in Barcelona; Africa’s largest self-sufficient solar microgrid project created; Presentations available from HOMER Energy Workshop in Irvine. Read more »
  • May 2014
    HOMER Energy workshop in Irvine — registration still available; Navigant Research forecasts microgrid capacity growth; Grid defection webinar replay available. Read more »
  • April 2014
    Workshop on microgrid design and feasibility; Navigant Research releases latest microgrid deployment tracker; Webinar: grid optional. Read more »
  • March 2014
    Microgrids to have major utility industry impact within 10 years; call for speakers: microgrid workshops in Irvine and Barcelona. Read more »
  • February 2014
  • HOMER Energy helps craft 75% renewable deal for Necker Island; New York earmarks $40 million for ten microgrid projects. Read more »
  • January 2014
    Experts forecast robust microgrid development through 2020; HOMER announces Preferred Partner Program. Read more »


  • November 2013
    Microgrid Deployment Workshop a “resounding success”; help define the microgrid industry; upcoming webinar on remote microgrid business models; HOMER Energy creates USMC HOMER version. Read more »
  • October 2013
    Status of remote microgrid markets worldwide; Aquion Energy and Siemens to develop microgrid and grid energy storage systems; strawman proposal for a taxonomy of renewable penetration levels. Read more »
  • September 2013
    Cancun workshop to examine key microgrid opportunities; grid resiliency and the role of microgrids; Navy tests fuel cell for diesel generator replacement. Read more »
  • August 2013
    Microgrid Deployment Forum registration opens; HOMER CEO speaks at distributed generation virtual summit; Connecticut to spend $18 million on nine microgrids. Read more »
  • July 2013
    Call for speakers: Microgrid Deployment Forum;HOMER Training Institute held in Boulder; microgrid news and updates from around the world. Read more »