HOMER Energy Component Partners

HOMER Energy offers renewable energy, storage, and other technology vendors the opportunity to have their equipment included in the HOMER software component library. HOMER users will see your product names and specifications as options when they are considering systems. (View an example.)

Since its release, HOMER software has been downloaded by nearly 100,000 people in 193 countries, with an average of 1,500+ new users each month. This represents a unique, global community of pioneering practitioners in renewable and distributed power – the core “universe” of microgrid professionals worldwide. HOMER is the most trusted and widely used microgrid design software globally.

Call +1-720-565-4046 or email today to find out how to get your components in HOMER Pro.

List of HOMER Energy Component Partners:

ABB logo Flywheels: Powerstore 500, Powerstore 1000, Powerstore 1500
Bergey logo Wind turbines: Excel R, Excel 1-R, Excel-S, XL.1, Excel 6, Excel 6-R, Excel 10, Excel 10-R
discover_logo Batteries: 12VRE-3000TF-L, 2VRE3-500TG, 2VRE-4000TF-U, 2VRE-9000TF-U, 6VRE-2400TG, 2VRE4-1500TF, 2VRE-6200TF-U, 2VRE-7500TF-U, 2VRE-8900TG
logo_ennera Wind turbine: Windera S
gildemeister Batteries: Cellcube FB 10-40, Cellcube FB 20-70, Cellcube FB 20-100, Cellcube FB 20-130, Cellcube FB 30-40, Cellcube FB 30-70, Cellcube FB 30-130, Cellcube FB 200-400, Cellcube FB 200-800, Cellcube FB 200-1600 
innovus_logo Generators: VSG600, VSG1200, VSG1800, VSG2400
leonics Converters: GTP503S 125kW, GTP519S 900kW, MTP413FP 25kW, MTP4117HP 300kW, S219CPH 5kW, STP219CPH 15kW
Northernmed2-400x266 Wind turbines: NPS100C-21, NPS100C-24
norvento-logo Wind turbine: nED 100
PP_logo_RGB_large Batteries: EnergyPod 280KW-1MWh; EnergyCell 20KW-72-KWh
 redflow_logo_xxlarge Batteries: ZBM, ZBM2, ZBM3, LSB
smart_hydro_logo Hydrokinetic turbine: Monofloat 5kW
TBC_Logo_Web Batteries: L16P, T-105, IND9-6V, IND13-6V, IND17-6V, IND23-4V, IND27-2V, IND29-4V, IND33-2V
vergnet-eolien Wind turbines: GEV MP-C, GEV MP-R
 Windflow Logo [Converted] Wind turbines: Windflow 33-500, Windflow 45-500
xant Wind turbine: M-21
Battery: EnerStore 50 Flow
Converter: EnerSection