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Promote Your Products to Microgrid Developers Worldwide with New HOMER Energy Component Partner Program

homer energy component partner programThe New HOMER Energy Component Partner Program helps companies gain industry recognition

HOMER Energy’s new Component Partner Program helps companies gain recognition within the software as the microgrid market becomes more co

RISØ Report Concludes Danvest System Delivers Power Quality in Microgrid Applications

Danish national research institute RISØ, a world leader in setting standards for the modern wind industry, has released a report on power quality in diesel-wind microgrid-based hybrid systems.  RISØ measured performance using a Danvest Hybrid Power Plant running with a Vestas 600kW wind turbine. The institute tested voltage and frequency fluctuations during continuous operation as well as during transitions between different states of operation. The report concludes that frequency and voltage vary very little, both […]

Microgrid Systems Laboratory

The Microgrid Systems Laboratory (MSL) is a fully-integrated innovation center for decentralized energy systems. A collaborative effort by a range of global leaders in electricity delivery, R&D, manufacturing, standards, regulation, and systems integration, MSL’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and accessible system, and to alleviate “energy poverty” worldwide. The current and planned key elements of the Lab are a microgrid innovation consortium, developed and operated by the Santa […]

Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch can serve as an invaluable partner to help make your microgrid project successful. From utility owned microgrids to customer-sited systems, we have the in-house expertise to integrate complex microgrid components into a cost-effective solution. We have the tools to assist organizations of all sizes with microgrid solutions including off-grid, nanogrid, microgrid, secure microgrids and island systems. Our services span the complete project lifecycle from feasibility analysis through EPC (engineering, procurement, […]

HOMER Energy Industry Partner Featured on PBS News Hour for Non-Toxic Battery

One of the exciting things about working here at HOMER Energy is watching the world begin to understand the significance and importance of the possibilities for both hybrid power systems and innovative storage, which go hand in hand. So I was not surprised but very happy to see our industry partner company Aquion Energy featured on PBS News Hour on Monday, September 7, talking about their non-toxic Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery. We look […]


Brightmerge empowers a new generation of energy entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to build independent grids in emerging markets. Brightmerge is rolling out user-friendly web based services designed for business people, to guide entrepreneurs step by step through this complex process, including requirements, permits, plans, financials and ongoing operations. Visit website:  

SAFT America

Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high technology batteries for industry, is pleased to partner with HOMER Energy to support the use of energy storage systems in microgrids. Saft’s energy storage systems, based on advanced lithium-ion batteries, provide the flexibility and instant response to maintain stability in microgrids and maximize fuel savings. Saft’s Intensium Max® containerized systems can be tailored to provide the ideal combination of power and energy to support […]


One of the world’s most trusted, respected and long-standing solar panel companies Founded in 1998, SolarCentury has been around since the early days of the solar industry and have been part of the evolution that has made solar PV the attractive investment it is today. They have put solar on more types of sites than any other company in the industry, and have won multiple awards for product innovation. Visit website:

REDT Energy

For over 10 years REDT has been researching and developing using vanadium redox flow battery technology for energy storage and has now started to implement the technology commercially. The REDT energy storage system can be used in a number of applications including increasing the reliability of renewable energy or for off grid energy solutions. Visit website:

Sustainable Power Systems

Renewable Microgrid Integration and Control Around the world, hundreds of thousands of remote off-grid communities, mines and other industrial sites, military outposts, and islands rely exclusively on diesel generators for their electricity supply. Diesel power is expensive, polluting and maintenance intensive. Our mission is to reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy production in remote off-grid locations by optimally combining and controlling renewable energy, conventional (fossil) energy, energy storage, and load management […]