Parameters for Remote Grid Success in Africa

Like most developing countries in the world, Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries can present some challenges for promoting businesses such as remote grids. Project cost structures and expenditure patterns that are viable in other regions (developed countries) will not apply directly in SSA – a manifestation of some generic developmental challenges.  Nigeria and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have power sectors dominated by main grid electricity supply that serves as the primary source of electricity […]

Industry Leader Re-launches Microgrid News Site’s Email Newsletter

BOULDER, CO–Microgrid optimization software leader HOMER Energy has announced the re-launch of its successful industry email newsletter, HOMER Microgrid News & Insight. The publication’s new format enhances readability and navigation to give readers the information they need more quickly and effectively. The newsletter is tied to news website “HOMER Microgrid News & Insight.” HOMER Energy has brought on a team of writers, editors, and graphic artists–as well as a new email software provider–to […]

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