HOMER Software Questions

Your HOMER Microgrid Software Questions Answered

In this weekly column, we answer some of the questions about the HOMER microgrid software that come in through our user surveys and support sites. We always encourage you to reach out to us at support@homerenergy.com if you have questions. You can download the latest version of HOMER Pro and use it at no cost for 30 days. Your trial includes free training materials, so what are you waiting for? Download HOMER Pro […]

What happens to my HOMER trial if my computer crashes?

A user wrote on an anonymous survey: “On the whole, it was a great experience. The graphical user interface was great, the setup size was really little compare to other similar applications. But …when I repaired my Os I had to reinstall the program, and in no way I could use the rest of my trial. I actually used about 20 days of my 30 days of trial. On the whole it was […]

Can I get another free trial of HOMER Pro?

Is it possible to get another free trial? How many times can I get the free trial before I purchase HOMER Pro. Thank you. First, we hope you understand that the free trial period is intended for you to evaluate HOMER and see if it meets your needs. It is not intended to be a “free forever” workaround. If you have a very small project, and don’t need HOMER long term, we have […]

HOMER and International Markets

It is too customised for the AMERICAN MARKET.  I would like to see it customised for the international market. For example in countries where there is no interest.    Well, actually… HOMER was originally created for energy access in developing countries, and we think that is still its main strength. HOMER was first and foremost a tool for remote power. So while we are an American firm, about 75% of our users are […]