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Philippines Microgrids Bring Sustainable Energy to Villages — A HOMER Pro Case Study

Many communities in The Philippines lack access to reliable, affordable power.

Shell Foundation, Philippines, recently hired consultant Silver Navarro to assist its Dutch consultant with an Access to Energy program promoting Philippines microgrids. The program’s purpose is designing an off-grid power system that the community can sustainably operate and maintain to meet its basic electricity requirement. HOMER Pro helped the program make rural microgrids reliable and affordable.

Create Your Own Microgrid Control Strategies with HOMER Pro APIs

APIs provide microgrid control strategy options

Microgrid control strategies are at the heart of successful microgrid design and optimization. Now HOMER Pro truly puts the concept of “control” into microgrid control strategies. Version 3.7, released in August 2016, introduced three new ways for users to supplement or replace the default load following and cycle charging strategies HOMER has used for decades. Moving HOMER to an Open Platform to Meet Modern Challenges “HOMER was originally created in 1993, when microgrids […]

HOMER Pro 3.6 Steps Up to the Storage Challenge

HOMER Pro 3.6, released last week, introduces two new add-on modules that our power users have been requesting for some time: Multi-Year Inputs – allows you to model changes that can occur over the course of a project, such as PV degradation, grid price escalation, load growth, and fuel prices. Advanced Storage – including rate-dependent losses, changes in capacity with temperature, variable depth-of-discharge for cycle life, and increased degradation rate at higher temperatures. […]

Watch the Introducing HOMER Optimizer Webinar

HOMER Optimizer might not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at HOMER Energy we think it’s the most important update we’ve ever given to HOMER. Join Jonathan Awerbuch, HOMER Pro developer, John Glassmire, HOMER Pro trainer, and HOMER Energy CEO Peter Lilienthal for a free webinar introducing the optimizer and how to use it to make your HOMER modeling go even faster. Click below to watch the video (51 minutes, including a […]

Introducing HOMER Optimizer – A Free Webinar

The live webinar is over, but you can view a recording here. Introducing HOMER Optimizer – A Free Webinar April 6th, 2016 9 AM MDT Join us on April 6th, 2016 at 9 AM MDT (see time in your zone) for a free educational webinar on using the new HOMER Optimizer to make your HOMER modeling faster and more efficient. HOMER Optimizer might not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at HOMER […]

HOMER Optimizer™, a Faster Path to Finding Least-Cost Microgrid Options

HOMER Energy LLC announced today that its flagship software product, HOMER® Pro, now includes a new optimization algorithm that significantly simplifies the design process for identifying least-cost options for microgrids or other distributed generation electrical power systems. HOMER Optimizer™ is a proprietary “derivative free” optimization algorithm that was designed specifically to work in HOMER. For over 20 years, HOMER has been a global workhorse for quickly finding economically viable options for microgrids and […]

Around the World with HOMER Pro – In 180 Days!

May 1, 2015 marked the 6-month point of our launch of HOMER Pro, and what a ride it has been. We knew that the product was catching on, as we watched our base of users grow. But I don’t think that any of us were prepared for the impact of seeing where people are using HOMER. We’ve often said, and heard, that HOMER is the global standard for microgrid assessment and design, and […]

Modeling Grid Reliability with the HOMER Optimization Modeling Tool

One of the most common user requests that we have received over the years at HOMER Energy has been the ability to have the grid be unreliable. HOMER was first modified to allow grid-connected systems in 2003, and the grid was treated as basically an infinite energy source. You could play with costs, and over the years the complexity with which HOMER could manage the grid increased. But the singlemost requested grid enhancement […]

Webinar: Batteries and the Grid, What’s all the fuss? Costing and modeling approaches with HOMER

This free webinar featured HOMER Energy CEO Dr. Peter Lilienthal joined by Rocky Mountain Institute Senior Associates Bodhi Rader and Devi Glick. The webinar reviewed the implications of the recent RMI/HOMER Energy report: The Economics of Load Defection:How grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems will compete with traditional electric service, why it matters, and possible paths forward. (CLICK HERE to download the Executive Summary or complete report) The participants discussed the analyses that were done to […]

HOMER Pro Training in Manila on June 20

On June 20, 2015, HOMER Energy CEO Dr. Peter Lilienthal will present an all-day training in the HOMER software in Manila. The training will focus on the most common HOMER issues for Asia and the Pacific: energy access and small remote utilities. The morning session will be an introduction to the new HOMER Pro.  The afternoon will consist of advanced training in small energy access systems and larger island grid systems with multiple […]