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HOMER User Case Study, SAFT: Cold Storage — Powering Remote Microgrids in the Far North

HOMER user case study SAFT

HOMER User Case Study: SAFT The following case study is adapted from a presentation given at the 2016 HOMER International Microgrid Conference. SAFT‘s Stuart Lansburg spoke to attendees about cold-weather storage and SAFT’s approach to these high-tech battery storage systems, presenting two case studies and a critique of HOMER Pro performance. Importance of storage in remote cold-weather microgrids When utilized in remote northern microgrids, storage systems enable a high penetration of renewables, producing fuel savings and a return […]

Promote Your Products to Microgrid Developers Worldwide with New HOMER Energy Component Partner Program

homer energy component partner programThe New HOMER Energy Component Partner Program helps companies gain industry recognition

HOMER Energy’s new Component Partner Program helps companies gain recognition within the software as the microgrid market becomes more co

HOMER Energy Component Partners

HOMER Energy offers renewable energy, storage, and other technology vendors the opportunity to have their equipment included in the HOMER software component library. HOMER users will see your product names and specifications as options when they are considering systems. (View an example.) Since its release, HOMER software has been downloaded by nearly 100,000 people in 193 countries, with an average of 1,500+ new users each month. This represents a unique, global community of […]

Gildemeister Energy Solutions

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions offers industrial customers and municipalities integrated solutions for energy management. This includes efficiency analyses to conserve energy as well as systems for generating, storing and using energy from renewable sources. The combination of wind and solar energy generation systems and large-scale energy storage systems based on vanadium redox flow technology gives energy-intensive consumers the opportunity to take control of their energy supply. Website: http://energy.gildemeister.com/en


The  Vergnet  group  specializes  in  generating  renewable  energy  from  wind,  solar  and  hybrid  sources.  A true pioneer in sustainable development, Vergnet owes its success to its two founding values : To develop original, pragmatic technologies adapted to their environment A strong spirit of partnership, aimed at sustainably transferring Vergnet’s know-how to users so they can take ownership of the operation and maintenance of their facilities Vergnet currently has over 700 wind turbines operating […]

Smart Hydro

Smart Hydro Power is a German based engineering company. The company develops, produces and commercializes affordable and environment-friendly kinetic micro hydropower systems. Since its foundation in 2010, the company has worked on several successful projects with internationally renowned partners. The technology is standardized and easily scalable. Although qualifying as “green” the products are positioned as the best alternative for decentralized electrification along rivers. Recently a SMART Hybrid Systems was developed for small off-grid […]

Northern Power Systems

Northern Power Systems designs, manufactures, and sells wind turbines and provides engineering development services and technology licenses for energy applications into the global marketplace from its US headquarters and European offices. With almost 40 years of experience in technologies and products generating renewable energy, Northern Power Systems currently manufactures the NPS™ 60 and NPS™ 100 turbines. Northern Power wind turbines provide customers with clean, cost effective, reliable renewable energy, boasting over 5 million run-time […]