Call for Papers! 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop

The 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop will take place May 8 & 9, 2018, in Tenerife, Spain. The main objective of the 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop is to discuss the challenges that arise in isolated and islanded power systems and microgrids, and how these challenges can be efficiently met by deploying a combination of wind, solar, battery, and diesel technologies. Finding viable combinations of conventional and renewable energy is one key solution for running these power systems effectively and sustainably. International experts will convene for this workshop to share their project experiences and discuss future improvement.

Participants will look at applications in a variety of locations and operating environments with a focus on system design, operating experience, business models, economics, and implementation issues.

Submit your abstract to Energy Africa’s submission platform to become one of many high-quality speakers in Tenerife, Spain. The following topics highlight the balancing act isolated systems pose for all stakeholders:

  • Resource Assessment and Forecasting
  • Managing Variability and Uncertainty
  • Intelligent Control and Grid Stabilization
  • System Design Options
  • Hybrid System Technologies
  • Remote Mining Application
  • Health/Quality of Life Impacts
  • Economic Development

The workshop addresses a wide audience:

  • Technology vendors of distributed variable generation & storage technology
  • Project developers and consultants
  • Regulators and lenders
  • System planners and designers
  • Operators of small systems

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to present your up-to-date research or technical developments to a large international audience in the field of the hybrid power systems, microgrids, and islanded power systems.

Check out the the Call for Papers flyer and visit the conference website for more information on the conference and on the call for papers:

This conference is being organized by Energynautics, Germany, in partnership with Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG), USA. It is a partner event of the renowned Solar and Wind Integration Workshops and the E-Mobility Power Systems Integration Symposium organized annually by Energynautics.

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