About HOMER Energy

HOMER Energy is the world’s leading microgrid modeling software company. Microgrids, or independent energy systems providing grid backup or off-grid power, are in increasing demand because of the rising cost of diesel fuel, decreasing cost of renewables, and the need for more reliable power.HOMER Energy supplies software and consulting services to the rapidly growing international distributed renewable energy market, forecast to be $80 billion by 2014. In 2009, HOMER Energy received a license from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to be the exclusive commercialization agent enhancing, supporting, and distributing the HOMER software worldwide.

HOMER Energy is a privately held company located in Boulder, Colorado.

About the HOMER software

HOMER Energy software sensitivity graph

HOMER Energy software sensitivity graph

Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources (HOMER)simulates and optimizes an electric power system combining traditional and renewable generation sources. Its combination of chronological detail, rapid runtimes (scores of annual simulations per second), transparent methodology, and accessible interface are unique among power modeling tools.

HOMER performs detailed chronological simulations at an hourly (or even minute-by-minute) level. That detail is necessary to realistically model intermittent renewable power sources, such as wind and solar. Using site-specific information about loads, resources, technology costs and performance, HOMER simulates all possible permutations of the system and then ranks the results, clearly showing the optimal, least-cost configuration. In addition, its sensitivity analyses demonstrate the results of changes to and uncertainty in the input parameters. It is simultaneously sufficiently transparent and intuitive to inform higher level policy discussions without the help of lengthy interpretation by dedicated engineering staff.

HOMER has been downloaded by over 93,000 people and is used by governments, the military, utilities, energy systems integrators, and non-profit organizations to design hybrid power systems. HOMER is well-suited to analyzing diverse distributed energy applications including grid-tied hybrid renewable microgrids, or situations where the grid is insufficiently reliable – such as islands and remote communities.