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HOMER international Microgrid Conference Denver

Energy providers of all varieties are exploring the use of microgrids to incorporate renewable power resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve energy security and independence. The remote, island, and off-grid systems sector is the largest microgrid segment worldwide, but the grid-connected segment is exploding as the solar-storage industry takes off, and the benefits become increasingly cost effective. HOMER® has been used to model and develop microgrids in every corner of the world.

At the HOMER International Microgrid Conference, hundreds of attendees and speakers (including keynote speakers Cathy Zoi and Karl Rabago) from dozens of countries worldwide their knowledge and experience within grid-tied, remote, and off-grid environments. No matter your role in the microgrid industry, this conference is a great opportunity to network and learn from microgrid owners, developers, suppliers, and policy makers from around the world. The optional third day of HOMER training brings our experts to you.

Registration still open — don’t delay! Conference takes place September 18-20!

Registration is still open for the 5th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference, September 18 – 19 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Regular registration to the conference is $1200 but with our early bird discount, you save $200. Registration cost is $1,200.


Who should attend the HOMER International Microgrid Conference?

  • Project developers and owners
    Who must evaluate how best to configure the technology mix and business model for their specific deployments
  • HOMER software users
    Who need to refine and deepen their use of the tool for hybrid systems design and evaluation
  • Network planners and utility professionals
    Who must understand the latest trials and deployments of microgrids, and how they interact with the larger grid
  • Campus network managers
    Who are charged with saving money while achieving higher levels of energy reliability, flexibility, and security
  • Military strategists
    For whom renewables-centric remote microgrids represent an opportunity to save lives
  • Hardware and software vendors
    Who need to stay abreast of the latest trends and market requirements in the remote, island, and grid-connected microgrid sectors
  • Investment and financial analysts
    Who are looking to identify and support high-potential microgrid opportunities

A focused educational and networking opportunity

HOMER International Microgrid Conference offers an in-depth, methodical examination of the key imperatives for implementing cost-effective microgrids within grid-tied, remote, and off-grid environments. The program is closely tailored to walk attendees through the process of planning and deploying a successful project.

Registrants will come away with a concrete understanding of the best practices, design tools, and technology strategies for deploying microgrid systems — reinforced by case study presentations of leading deployments from around the world. Abundant time is reserved for networking with fellow project owners and industry colleagues.

After four highly successful HOMER Microgrid Conferences in Mexico, Spain, Australia, and New York City, HOMER Energy is hosting the 5th Annual HOMER Microgrid International Conference 2017 at Embassy Suites Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  Denver was chosen because it is just down the road from HOMER’s headquarters in Boulder, which will allow us to have most of our staff present at the meeting.Speak at HOMER International Microgrid Conference

Learn HOMER Pro – From the Pros at HOMER

The entire third day offers an opportunity for an optional introductory or advanced training in HOMER Pro, by the people who created it. HOMER is the international standard for microgrid evaluation. Learn how HOMER can be used to make sure your microgrid brings you the economic and environmental benefits you envision it will.

Microgrid Lessons from Global Markets

Organizations looking to realize the benefits of distributed renewable energy resources are seeking reality-based guidance on the design, implementation, and operation of cost-effective microgrid systems. The HOMER Energy microgrid conference series has consistently focused on how to gain these benefits.

  • This two-day program will carefully examine the business models, optimal technology mix, and critical steps for successfully deploying microgrid systems in remote, island, and grid-connected environments. We’ll discuss refining the business model as well as effectively planning, designing, and deploying microgrids.
  • We’ll bring together government officials, project and technology developers, system owners and utilities, and other energy professionals from across the industry for in-depth information sharing and networking.
  • The Conference offers an optional half-day training in the HOMER software with certified HOMER trainers — both introductory and advanced.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Refine your business model and technology strategy for your microgrid scenario
  • Learn from industry leaders about what works and what doesn’t in implementing microgrid solutions
  • Examine the experiences and lessons learned to date from leading remote microgrid projects around the world
  • Network with key technology innovators and solution providers to identify the correct strategy
  • Meet with project owners, developers, and financial professionals who are looking to deploy microgrid projects around the world
  • Deepen your ability to use the HOMER software tool for designing and optimizing your specific project

Register today!

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